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Our People

Passionate about transport

Meet the people who are delivering for you. Secon employs 150 people, working across 3 facilities.
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A lifetime in freight


Brendon has over 39 years’ experience in the transport industry, and is a member of the Victorian Transport Association’s Goods General Committee. His extensive knowledge allows Secon to cater for all transport requirements and has assisted in Secon becoming a premier wharf carrier.

Director of Fleet Management

Since joining the family business in 1977, Vin has overseen the maintenance, presentation and upgrading of the Secon fleet. He was an integral part of Secon becoming the first wharf carrier in Australia to use sidelifters, and his team continues to lead the way in ensuring Secon remains compliant under tighter new NHVR and COR legislation.

Director of Property Management

Paul has been involved at Secon since 1984 and, with his younger brother Matthew, built Secon’s warehouse business from the ground up. His extensive industry knowledge, forward thinking and dedication make him a leader in warehouse management Australia-wide. Paul also has strong relationships with Australia’s customs and quarantine regulators.

Director of Bulk Services

Matthew joined Secon in 1987. He has over 30 years hands-on experience within Secon. From Warehouse to Sales and now heading up our Bulk Services Matt has left a lasting legacy on the Secon business. Matt continues to look for innovative ways to handle bulk commodities with zero contamination.

Founder & Director

Maurie started Secon in 1969 and has built a successful business on a foundation of hard work, quality service and loyalty to his staff and customers. He has passed on these values not only to his sons, but to each member of the Secon Freight Logistics staff. Maurie’s no longer actively involved with the operational side of Secon, but his advice is valued on all strategic and corporate matters.

Founder & Director

Steve joined Secon in 1999 – working with Paul and Matthew within the growing warehouse division. Under the management of Terry, Steve was the perfect fit to sit in between the board for directors and operational teams and was quickly appointed General Manager. As part of the groups corporate restructure in March 2017, Steve was promoted to CEO and under his leadership the company couldn’t be better positioned to move into a bold new era.


Terry joined Secon in 1981 to work alongside his brothers, He quickly rose to become the CEO of Secon and is one of the reason it is the thriving business it is today.Terry had many years of experience in the transport industry and had lead the way for Secon to become the growing enterprise it is today. He believed the major catalyst for Secon’s expansion had been his team’s ability to build strong working relationship with each of its clients by way of understanding not only their business requirements, but also what was needed to provide efficient reliable transport service. Terry’s experience inside Secon over the years had included every facet of a transport business. He had serviced on the Executive Committee of the Victorian Transport Association (VTS) ensuring he was at the forefront of industry issues. In November 2013, Terry was a fitting recipient of the WFD Chalmers Award bestowed on representatives of the transport industry who give back generously and unreservedly to the Association, and to the industry as a whole. Terry passed away suddenly in 2014, he is very missed by all.

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